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IHMQ certificaat behaald

Met trots kan QS Gezondheidsmanagement melden dat na een uitgebreide interne en externe audit in 2017 het Gold Model of Good Practice werd ontvangen van het IHMQ. Onderstaand enkele conclusies uit het rapport van het IHMQ.

“Feedback from customers (employers) indicates that they think highly of the balanced approach adopted by QS which sees the individual as being of vital importance on the one hand but also recognises the importance of tackling the key issue(s) on the other.

The customers appreciate the quality of service they receive from the QS team (effective, quick and clear) and the quality of the staff themselves. (rate 8 of 10). Client organisations rates OS 8 out of ten, they appreciate the efforts of return to work strategies, the effectiveness of the treatment process and the communication with the organizations.”

“QS health management is a dedicated service organisation. She delivers therapeutic services to businesses and individual employees to prevent and overcome mental health problems. The organisation takes the lead in this field of action and its management sets the standard for employees and remote working therapists. The working conditions reflects the goals set in the treatments and it supports the sustainable employment of the staff. The staff is as dedicated as in earlier assessments, is highly appreciated by remote therapist and clients rewarded them highly too. Smart and well organized, sensitive in communications and professional in their approach, the organization is rewarded the iHMQ Gold standard.”